From start to finish, Ruggieri team members assist our clients in achieving their commercial flooring goals. We cover the different phases of the commercial flooring lifecycle, from product selection and installation through to reclamation. We take the guesswork out of the flooring procurement & installation process, from quantity measurement, to site delivery, installation, and overall project management. We handle the details to deliver a seamless solution to our clients.

Customers can specify a product or work with one of our commercial specialists to identify the right product at the right price. Once a product is identified, our services can include the following:
• Project initiation and scope definition
• Take off, estimation, and layout
• Site evaluation
• Materials procurement
• Site testing
• Materials receiving, warehousing, and delivery
• Preparation of installers
• Site supervision
• Job walk-through
• Job completion notification

The staff at Ruggieri Brothers, Inc has over 100 years of combined experience designing and installing commercial flooring for industries including: Corporate, Healthcare, Education, Property Management, Hospitality and Retail.
We are familiar with our clients’ varying and complex flooring needs. General contractors need timely bidding and experienced project management. Interior designers need specification services. Architects often need recommendations by flooring specialists to make sure they use the right product in the right application.
We have the specialized knowledge to be your expert flooring partner on your next commercial project.


In addition to traditional flooring installations, where we install carpet, resilient, ceramic or stone products as per manufacturer recommendations, we also offer the following non-traditional services.

Surface Preparation

Often overlooked, surface preparation is the most important aspect of a new installation. Most flooring failures are due to poor substrate preparation- not floor covering products or installation methods. Ruggieri uses a variety of floor prep equipment, including shot blasting, diamond grinding and high tech removal machines to properly remove old adhesives and other materials that may adversely affect installations. We provide new flooring underlayment, that will not slow down your project. Most systems we install can have finished flooring installed over them within 8 hours.

Moisture Mitigation Systems

Moisture in concrete is the leading cause of flooring failures and is a billion dollar-a-year, industry-wide problem. Topically applied Moisture Mitigation Systems reduce the moisture emission transfer rate and allow flooring to be installed over concrete that exceeds manufacturer limitations. Ruggieri’s has trained installers to install sytems that can help in your moisture problems.

Office Lift

Our Office Lift installation lifts everything in your office (including cubicles and desks) and replaces the flooring below.